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I am the Soul, the Soul is me

Process for reuniting with your Soul

How Does It Work?

The Highest Law (THL) is a simple technique for rebalancing karma, that effectively resolves karmic conflicts and contracts on the level of the soul. 


The goal of the technique is to improve all aspects of the life of the user in the here and now, including the material, physical, mental and emotional aspects.

THL approaches each and every problem from the perspective of the soul’s decision: whatever manifests itself in your reality - be it emotions, ailments or certain patterns - the soul made a choice to experience it. By reuniting with one’s soul and taking ownership of these choices (albeit sometimes painful ones), we reconnect with our creating powers.

Is The Highest Law
for me?

"The Highest Law was a good turning point in my life...."

 Lucyna K.

"If there are issues in your life that have been bothering you for years and you don't feel real relief despite working with them, then the THL technique is for you..." 


"Learning The Highest Law and practicing it proved to be an invaluable investment..." 

 Monika Dulian

  Learn The Highest Law  

Reclaiming the position as the creator of our life is a process. The Highest Law training gives you the tools and prepares you for using the THL perspective in your daily life, so you can engage with the process whenever you want. You also learn and practice guiding others who are on the same path.

THL for Self Work

Individual dates


E. Zetkova / D. Chero


THL for Client Work



Spiritual Coaching


THL I am Intuition



Spiritual Coaching


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Let yourself engage with The Highest Law in a session with one of the Guides - a practitioner, who will lead and support you as you take your steps through the process.

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Is The Highest Law for me?

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The technique is used as an engine for its coaching agency, Spiritual Coaching.



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