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  How Does It Work?  

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How It Works

The Highest Law (THL) is a simple technique for rebalancing karma that effectively resolves karmic conflicts and contracts on the level of the soul. It approaches each and every problem from the perspective of the soul’s decision: whatever manifests itself in your reality - be it emotions, ailments or certain patterns - the soul made a choice to experience it. By reuniting with one’s soul and taking ownership of these choices (albeit sometimes painful ones), we reconnect with our creating powers.

The goal of the technique is to improve all aspects of the life of the user in the here and now, including the material, physical, mental and emotional aspects.

Our understanding of creation and the Source changes, it grows and evolves the more we practice the technique, the more we take responsibility for everything we encounter here in this lifetime.

While working on ourselves and with our clients, we have found that sometimes it takes years of practice of various modalities and therapies to address a certain issue (for example from an ancestral perspective), but the soul made a clear decision to keep on experiencing something - that’s why some problems either don’t seem to go away or go away only temporarily. THL teaches you how to approach your soul in order to renegotiate certain decisions as we don’t have to keep on carrying on with all of them.

"The Highest Law was a good turning point in my life. I'm getting permission to fully live here on Earth. Problems that I was working on for months have started being resolved. Answers to my question were waiting and it was enough to follow them. They were so clear that just integrating them was enough. I accept gratitude and a smile on my face. I recommend THL for clearing all blockages from the connection between ourselves and our soul."

Lucyna K., Therapist, Austria

We as healers behind THL and our method treat everyone not just as a single human incarnation, but a collection of incarnations connected by one soul - a soul that is simultaneously highly evolved and not evolved at all.

We want to deliver this method to everyone who desires it because it is our firm belief that by taking ownership of our reality and being fully invested in doing so, we can create wonderful experiences in the here and now on a quantum level.

In our practice, we used THL to work through grief, financial debt, physical ailments, work-related stress, creative blockages, deepening of intuitive skills, phobias, boundary issues and much more. 

The team behind THL uses this technique on a daily basis to work through any discomfort and to seize the most out of every opportunity that presents itself.

"Learning The Highest Law and practicing it proved to be an invaluable investment. The standards and values THL was built upon are impeccable. The modality itself allows me to take full responsibility for my Life's quality by inviting me to own my decisions. I feel abundantly resourceful in every session.
THL grants me immense personal power and highlights my self-agency by magnifying the efficiency of my healing intentions. Nothing is left to chance, everything is accounted for."

"THL sessions are coherent and precise, inviting me to fully participate in my Life. I use The Highest Law in my holistic business with great success, pleasure, and ease. Thanks to this modality my clients are experiencing stellar results and deep shifts in their Life. THL is more than a tool, it is a great companion and a supportive guide to all therapists, coaches, and healers."

Monika Dulian, Coach and alternative healer, USA

Always The Heart

Is The Highest Law for me?

  Vision Statement  

What are the key principles and approaches that are at the core of The Highest Law?

The Highest Law (THL) is a self-development technique for rebalancing karma, that effectively resolves karmic conflicts and contracts on the level of the soul. Its goal is to improve all aspects of the life of the User in the here and now, including the material, physical, mental, and emotional aspects.

We don’t claim to know whether karma exists or not. The process itself can also be viewed as working on symbols and metaphors using mindfulness based on the law of attraction.

A person who uses the technique on themselves is called ‘User’, a person who supports someone else in their process is called ‘Guide’. 

The User takes full responsibility for their choices and actions. The User does the work, and can be supported by the Guide in their process. We as Guides are not trying to “save” anyone. We acknowledge everyone as being capable of walking their own path. 

We as Users and Guides are not trying to change the world, the world doesn't need changing. We are not trying to lead people anywhere as a movement. It is not a mission.

THL is an independent modality, but it can be combined with other alternative healing modalities. We promote mutually beneficial cooperation with others. THL isn’t affiliated with nor does it represent any religions or philosophies.

Using THL requires continuous holistic work on oneself. We aim to accept ourselves fully, regardless of what we discover about ourselves in the process. We acknowledge the importance of reaching out for assistance if the process requires an outside perspective or insight.

We believe that karma is not absolute. There's always a way to make things easier and more efficient.

I am the soul and the soul is me.

Vision Statement

  About the Authors  

The technique was created by David Weidemann and his team in Fundacja Golden Ratio. The team uses THL on a daily basis, testing the tools and approaches, gaining insights, experimenting and improving the process.

David Weidemann Photo

David Weidemann

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David Weidemann is the main author of THL, a life coach, a healer and a teacher. He has worked with hundreds of clients and has trained nearly 200 healers, coaches and alternative therapists.

David has been pursuing personal transformation for almost 20 years. Coming from a long line of Peruvian shamanic healers, he has worked with various tools, modalities and approaches, including reiki, radical forgiveness, huna and trauma release modalities.


In his work as a healer, he continued exploring why we encounter certain issues in the first place and how to make working with these ideas accessible to everyone. The Highest Law came to him as a solution to these goals.

Eva, one of the co-authors of THL, works as a healer, THL instructor and also as a member of Fundacja Golden Ratio. She sees clients from all over the world, mainly focusing on the millennial generation.

Eva became interested in self work early on, struggling to find her place in her own life and to make sense out of her experience. She experimented with different approaches to healing, gradually becoming more aware of herself. When she started applying her skills to working with others, she realized how important it is for everyone to be responsible for their own process - a principle that is at the core of The Highest Law. Testing and contributing to THL helped her process many long standing blocks, deepening her trust in herself and the world. She loves the technique and enjoys sharing it with others through sessions and THL classes.

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Eva Zetkova

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Diana H.

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Diana H. Chero is the CEO of Fundacja Golden Ratio and a co-author of The Highest Law method. She oversees the administrative and marketing process of THL courses and instructor programmes, and engages with the technique during individual sessions with her clients.

Diana uses THL autonomously as well as in combination with astro-coaching and systemic constellations to expand and deepen the context of a healing process. Her intention for The Highest Law technique is to make it accessible to everyone who expresses a certain readiness: a readiness to face one’s limitations, a readiness to move past looking and  waiting for outside factors to change on their own, a readiness to embrace the entirety of one’s multidimensional existence but focus on the human experience on Earth.

About the Authors

Is The Highest Law for me?

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The Highest Law – Najwyższe Prawo is owned and operated by

Fundacja Golden Ratio.

The technique is used as an engine for its coaching agency, Spiritual Coaching.



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