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  Is The Highest Law for me?  

The following questionnaire will help you to assess whether The Highest Law (THL) is the right technique for you. Answer YES or NO to the 10 questions below and keep your score. If you find yourself answering YES to at least 3 of the questions, The Highest Law is a technique that can very likely be useful for you!


If you want to learn THL to work with others, first answer the questionnaire for yourself: using the technique on others requires practising on oneself as well.


Do you happen to encounter blockages in your life that regularly occur in specific situations? For example, you always react with anger when you feel out of control in a situation.


Do you feel ready to explore your subconscious mind in order to gain a more holistic view of your life?


Do you agree with the idea that your well-being and psycho-physical condition directly contribute to your quality of life?


Are you a person who can take responsibility for yourself and your life, including accepting the consequences that result from your decisions?


Are you familiar with other techniques/tools for working with emotions or have you already tried similar types of consultation?


Do you think that you are a person who is open and curious about the upcoming changes that come from deepening the knowledge you don't yet have?


What do you think - are you ready to change your life "here and now"?


Do you feel ready to work with your true self-image, including working on your shadow, environment and relationships?


Do you have the feeling that the patterns you are facing run in your family and continue to influence you, and would you like to change it?


Do you have the will to explore your subconscious and find out what information is coming from you as the Source?

How many times have you answered YES? If it was at least 3 times, then know that The Highest Law (THL) technique is very likely for you! 


The questionnaire is based on the principles that form the foundation of this technique. Your willingness, commitment and working with karma (including ancestral karma) are all parts of the THL process. The contracts of our Soul are shaping our lives –⁠ this method allows you to see your blockages and deal with them in a completely non-invasive and safe way.

It is natural to experience fear or anxiety of the unknown and of what our subconscious really hides. The author of the technique, David Weidemann, repeats during each training and session that "even if you feel like you have to jump from a great height, the ground is still closer than you think, because it is directly under your feet". The sheer willingness and commitment to take the proverbial 'leap' into a life of greater awareness of ourselves and the world we live in is one of the most important steps.

Do you have more questions?

If you answered YES to less than 3 questions, you can contact Spiritual Coaching at The healers and practitioners on the Spiritual Coaching team have many tools at their disposal, so they will be able to choose the right method for you!

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