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Webinar is organized on Zoom.

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  What is The Highest Law?  

The Highest Law (THL) is a simple technique for rebalancing karma, that effectively resolves karmic conflicts and contracts on the level of the soul. 


The goal of the technique is to improve all aspects of the life of the user in the here and now, including the material, physical, mental and emotional aspects.

The Highest Law technique can be used on both yourself and others, autonomously or in combination with other healing/coaching modalities. 

  What Will I Gain from This Webinar?  

During the time we will spent together, we will cover:

What is The Highest Law technique and how it wo

What can

The Highest Law do for you

Meeting your

Highest Self

Space for your questions

Eva, one of the co-authors of THL, works as a healer, THL instructor and also as a member of Fundacja Golden Ratio. She sees clients from all over the world, mainly focusing on the millennial generation.

Eva became interested in self work early on, struggling to find her place in her own life and to make sense out of her experience. She experimented with different approaches to healing, gradually becoming more aware of herself. When she started applying her skills to working with others, she realized how important it is for everyone to be responsible for their own process - a principle that is at the core of The Highest Law. Testing and contributing to THL helped her process many long standing blocks, deepening her trust in herself and the world. She loves the technique and enjoys sharing it with others through sessions and THL classes.

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Eva Zetkova

Your Guide for this event

Is The Highest Law for me?

"If there are issues in your life that have been bothering you for years and you don't feel real relief despite working on them, then the THL technique is for you. It allows you to see, feel and heal what is difficult, but also to find the root cause and understand it. This is what is most freeing. It makes it easier to accept life and take responsibility for your choices. In my opinion, of course. I have experienced this during the training and sessions."

Jolanta, Poland

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The Highest Law – Najwyższe Prawo is owned and operated by

Fundacja Golden Ratio.

The technique is used as an engine for its coaching agency, Spiritual Coaching.



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