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The Highest Law technique can be used on both yourself and others, autonomously or in combination with other healing/coaching modalities. 

If you’re interested in other dates or private training, please contact us for an individual offer.

THL for Self Work

Individual dates

For self work, based on your needs


E. Zetkova / D. Chero


THL for Client Work


Complete course for client work


Spiritual Coaching


THL I am Intuition


Mentoring program


Spiritual Coaching


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Upcoming Dates

Is The Highest Law for me?

Strategy for self-work

For those who want to use THL on themselves

  • Get a session to see if you like the method

  • Get level 1

  • Use THL on yourself

  • Get level 2

  • Use THL on yourself

As with every technique for self work, we also recommend booking a session with a professional Guide from time to time for your more pressing issues.

Strategy for working with others

For those who want to use THL on their clients

THL can be efficiently used as an autonomous tool for transformation. If you already work with other modalities or techniques, THL can be a great tool to complete your workshop.


Examples of techniques that our students love to combine with THL: craniosacral therapy, systemic and family constellations, coaching, energy healing, astrology...

Strategies of Learing THL

  What Will I Gain from a THL Training?  

Level 1

Level 1 works on the level of soul incarnations and their contracts. The training:

  • Teaches you the basic and advanced structure of The Highest Law process

  • Covers practical theory on the topic of soul, karma, soul contracts, parallel lives and quantum creation

  • Shares how to apply the THL perspective in everyday life

  • Gives you opportunities to practice under the guidance of the instructor

  • Leads you through group guided meditations

  • Provides written material to help you focus on the presentation and your processes instead of taking notes

  • Offers access to a group with other practitioners (on FB platform)

Note: we do not certify completing the training. There is an option to go through a process of verification some time after the end of the training, so you have time to gain experience with the process.

Level 2

Level 2 works on the soul level, dealing with souls’ decisions and their self-perception. It builds on your mastery of level 1 to take you deeper into the concepts and ideas that are shaping your existence and teaches you how to boost and simplify the THL process.

What Will I Gain from a THL Training?

"If there are issues in your life that have been bothering you for years and you don't feel real relief despite working on them, then the THL technique is for you. It allows you to see, feel and heal what is difficult, but also to find the root cause and understand it. This is what is most freeing. It makes it easier to accept life and take responsibility for your choices. In my opinion, of course. I have experienced this during the training and sessions."

Jolanta, Poland

  Why Is It Worth It to Learn THL?  

🌟 THL gives you practical tools for stepping into the role of creator of your life, even if you currently don't see yourself in this way.

🌟 THL teaches you how to use everything that is happening in your life for your benefit.

🌟 You learn how to start the process of connecting with your soul (if you haven't started already) and how to proceed if you feel any blockages. This ultimately leads to becoming more and more aware of actually being your soul.

🌟 THL helps you discover what you really want to experience in this life, despite what you might have thought or what would make sense rationally, and helps you find peace with it. If you then also wish to transform the experience, THL offers a variety of tools to do that.

🌟 By seeing and working with yourself as a multidimensional being, you discover yourself as both the perpetrator and the victim, giving yourself a new perspective on the way things are unfolding.

🌟 THL helps you uncover your projections on other people and their role in your life, and it gives you tools to accept and transform the projections.

🌟 Seeing the bigger ideas that you have had for yourself often leads to deep gratitude for your experience and magnifies the process of conscious creation.

🌟 THL helps you deal with your helplessness, powerlessness and injustice.

🌟 Through understanding of THL, you can find answers as to how our world can change on a quantum level and what is your role in it.

Why Is It Worth It to Learn THL?
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The technique is used as an engine for its coaching agency, Spiritual Coaching.



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